Selling the benefit


To respond to the question “What can I take away from this area and apply in my teaching-related work?” after reading “An incurable disease” and Donald Clark Plan B, “7 compelling arguments for peer learning”. And reflecting on my time blogging, answering and taking part in OCTEL, I feel that peer based learning has lots of benefits along with a few negatives.

Similar to Donald, I have found that scalability, higher rates of attainment, and delivering theory which is underpinned by expertise, expertise, which is universally available and may not normally be accessible to a learner, unless taking part in a MOOC style course online or similar are beneficial to learners.

For me, I will take away knowledge and experience gained as a learner that peer related activities do work, but that you must have an active participant group that engages in the process to help drive and deliver collaborative learning.

As a learning technologist, I am forever “selling the benefit” of TEL after all it helps keep me in a job.

Through this OCTEL course I have gained further experience and more confidence in my choice and reasons for choosing learning tools and activities.

There are serious cost savings to be made through the implementation of learning technologies, and the experience gained here will allow me to cite cases whereby these have been proven.