I watched the online education Udacity MOOC video, thinking about how this approach could benefit NHS undergraduate nursing students studying “Skills and Practice” modules:

Anyplace learning, just like Martini!
Eliminate teaching repetition
Deliver teaching staff cost savings
Online assessments

Practice sessions still required so a “blended” approach would fit best
Must ensure collaborative needs are met

Efficiencies could be met as the course participant numbers increase, server space and administration staff time would be costs, but versus traditional requirement for more teaching staff and space to teach, there would be cost savings.

Peer assessment activities could be introduced fairly easily especially around reflective practices.

If there were one main accredited source of “NHS” video or resource bank that Universities and staff could access that was kept up to date this could be used and links provided to, as it stands University moderation boards would currently be required to ensure that resource and teaching “quality” was upheld.

This could lead to more modular based learning activities and would help not only educate undergraduates, but life-long modular learners too.


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