Explorer Activity 5.4: ‘in-house’ vs. ‘off the shelf’ solutions


Depending on the organisational approach to “external” funding for projects, I would consider using outside contractors or systems, if allowed. External solutions providers can in my previous experience be quicker to complete a project due to their skill set matching exactly what is required. Can be financially more cost effective, providing exacting specifications are outlined and adhered to, and can be tailored to fit easier. All of this is not to say that you can just set the ball in motion on a project and relax, external providers can be more difficult to communicate with, and can let you down leading to stress and more grey hairs!

So what about “in-house” benefits, I have found they offer more control, due to location and possibly less costly depending on financial structures that are in place. They can be slower though, especially when working with a small team, and if you have no control or influence over the “team”. The exact skill set or system you are looking to work with may not exist, which can cause your project to be adapted or at worse be something that is bolted onto an existing failed or failing system or process!


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