Explorer Activity 5.3: What TEL support is available to you?


Hmm, the question “What TEL support is available to you” is an interesting one.

It all depends on the level of interest that the “team” or “manager” you report to holds on the subject of TEL. I have worked in teams where I have been the only employee on the project with TEL skill-set this can make for a difficult or delightful relationship, but roles and responsibilities must be clearly defined from the project start.

People whose view is to resist the changes that TEL bring will in my opinion only be “won around” once they can see the benefit it will bring them, have access to adequate training and support, and or see the institutional gains that a successful TEL project has delivered. In these respects, all of the previous are what I offer an organisation as a TEL expert and by banging the TEL drum and correctly “advertising” what you are doing, can be of great benefit to organisations new, or dare I say it bored with failed o outdated “TEL” approaches.

Often within the University field I have found that the expertise and technological solutions are:
1. What you bring to the role
2. What or whom is currently used in/for similar projects
3. What you wish for, which may not be deliverable
4. What your limited budget will afford

I would consider approaching a funding body for “help” in piloting a project, but it would depend on how long the funding stream would take to come to fruition.


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