Successful Failures


After reviewing Tom Cochrane’s conference paper, I have evaluated the projects Key Successes &
Key failures, these are outlined below:

Key Successes:
A supportive learning community was created and facilitated.
Lecturer and student participants were provided with an appropriate choice of technology.
A sustained and supportive community of interactions were created.

Key failures:
International time differences were initially not considered important, we did find differences in time-zones problematic for live support sessions.
International and local broadband failure was not initially considered, after the “week 0” support week, we thought technical glitches were ironed out; unfortunately these did re-occur due to Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.
Staffing issues were not initially planned for, but staff levels did alter as the project progressed, leading to delay.
Financial provision was weak, leading to limited resources at project start.


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