Resource evaluation


So it’s the end of week 3 of OCTEL and its time to go exploring! I have chosen to review resources based on the topic of Veterinary Ethics, using the Higher Education Academy – Resources Centre (HEA) and TED sites.

Of these, one is more traditional and the other new and “open” in nature. So what did I find, when typing the phrase “ethics” into both?
HEA, returned over 500 top phrase results and TED 1260, now that was ok, but in reality I would choose to drill down as I may be after a certain topic and not just a resource where the word “ethics” was mentioned.

I altered the phrase to “veterinary ethics”, HEA provided over 500 results, but I wanted to “filter” the results and was able to by choosing a “discipline” filter. This then “refined” the results for me leading to a mere 15 pages of results or roughly 150 topics.

TED on the other hand only provided 1 result. The lack of information provided by TED comes as no real surprise, due to the resource being newer and there being only conference video style sessions.

So what conclusions can be drawn, at present the “traditional” sites, HEA in the example above provide more stable solid results to text based documents for research, if there were a specific conference that I had been made aware of I would point users in the direction of TED. Provided that copyright and licencing / accessibility were allowed.

Traditionally within UK Universities, I have found copyright of “resources” has limited options top specific sites, although licencing exists, the “copyright” of resources can quickly become a mine-field. Likewise in my experience the use of resources without the “home” university y logo emblazoned onto them is frowned or not allowed.


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