There’s almost an app for everything, and today I used a new one to me called Touchcast.

What’s it for?
Touchcast is downloaded onto IPad, and can be used to record and view video clips quickly.

Is it easy to understand how this tool works?
The app is very easy to use, as it has onscreen floating text guides to help you orientate yourself and like the IPad is intuitive in its use mimicking some IPad features such as swipe to reveal.

How quickly and easily would you find it to use?
I found using Touchcast was a quick process, I normally give an app a few clicks and if I don’t like the feel or interface I give up and delete it, this didn’t happen with Touchcast, I used it to record a 10 sec video clip, and although some features are bit awkward, such as having to set everything up before you record, and then having no way of going back and re-editing text for titles, for the on the go, once only clip this technology is fine. I also found the upload feature useful, although you do have to set an account up first.

How could you apply this tool in your own teaching?
For me, to have the use of a “quick” video technology to replace a thousand words on a page, is interesting, in the past I have made use of Camtasia, Touchcast would have its place alongside Camtasia, but the latter is better for on-screen recordings.

Touchcast is better in the “real world”

What does this tool offer that has advantages over your current practice?
I can now use this software to enhance my current practice and have access to a quick easy way to show end users “how to do”, without having to employ a Hollywood film crew!

The proof is in the 12 second pudding here:

Don’t worry no animals where harmed in the filming!


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