Technology Selection


To me as a learning technologist the biggest driver towards my choice of technology has to be “Participation”, it is my job to make sure that the resources are displayed online in an environment that supports and offers functionality for participants.

Every time that a course runs, or refreshes, an evaluation procedure picks up on issues or concerns raised, this allows the planning process to restart, and build in flexibility, recognise changes in scale, location, duration, participant experience and support pedagogical improvement.

During activity 1.2 I identified the following as key drivers when choosing a “learning platform”:
• A sense of community
• Ease of access (Must work on various types of computing device)
• Flexible platform for learning
• Allow themed content
• Be easily supported and supportive.

I feel that the “sense of community” identified, fits within the “participation” dimension outlined. My reasoning for this is that for a participant to participate in an online learning course effectively a sense of community should be fostered, and nurtured.

I have supported learners using Moodle, SharePoint, Blackboard, Google Sites and other learning technologies, all of which can be made participant friendly driving a sense of online community, be it through in built or bolted on features, my advice to fellow practitioners is choose a few course development platforms, compare them and practice, exploring their feature set. There is no one ideal learning platform, but with a bit of creative development any of the main platforms can support your learner’s needs.


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