Week 1: TEL One Badge : Comparing Practice


Hello, to kick this week’s TEL One Badge Activity on “Comparing Practice”, I presently mainly use the ADDIE process. I find this to cover most bases when initially planning an activity or learning model to be introduced to those new or adept at the use of e-learning. This practice has in the past afforded good results, as the eventual evaluation and improvement phase help feed back into the learning design. I would be interested in others views if you use the same ADDIE model, or if you use one of the other models and would like to compare it outline this so that I can comment and compare.

Author: Fav203


2 thoughts on “Week 1: TEL One Badge : Comparing Practice

  1. Hi Glenn, thanks for this, I wasn’t aware of the ADDIE model but it certainly looks like a useful addition to the toolbox and a good thing to keep in mind when setting up a course.

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